IMF / IMFC Press Briefing Spring Meetings 2021




08 Apr 2021


WASHINGTON DC, United States



IMF / IMFC Press Briefing Spring Meetings 2021
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8 April 2021, WASHINGTON DC

4. SOUNDBITE (English) Magdalena Andersson, IMFC Chair
“The message today from the IMFC is that all vulnerable countries exposed in the pandemic and its economic fallout deserve particular attention and the broad membership of the IMF is promoting comprehensive action to help them meet their critical financing and health needs. One last point is that the IMFC agreed to strengthen multilateral cooperation further to ensure a sustainable, inclusive, and resilient global economy. And we also expressed our support of the IMF in stepping up its work to help members identify and match and manage macro critical implications of climate change and other areas such as digitalization, inequality, and fragility,”
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6. SOUNBITE (English) Kristalina Georgieva, IMF Managing Director
“We recognize that the global economy is on a firmer footing, but we continue to face many challenges, many of which can only be met through stronger international cooperation. I am very encouraged by our meeting. The IMFC support for multilateral approaches to strengthen the global economy and for the fund's agenda going forward. This includes our continued crisis response, the forthcoming proposal for a new allocation of Special Drawing Rights and work on the macro critical aspects of climate change and digitalization,”
7. Long shot, Kristalina Georgieva speaking

8. SOUNDBITE (English) Kristalina Georgieva, IMF Managing Director

“Let me add a word on the proposed $650 billion SDR allocation. A number of members in the discussion called it historic, and it is. This is the largest boost of reserves that our membership is giving us a mandate to follow on. It would provide substantial liquidity boost to all our members, especially the most vulnerable. We will step up transparency, and it is for the sake of good governance for everybody. And the innovation that we are pursuing is for some of our better off members to be able to allocate their SDRs for the common purpose of bringing the more vulnerable members to a more sound to a sound position. We need a recovery that works for all,”


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