IMF / Kristalina Georgieva Press Briefing Spring Meetings 2021




07 Apr 2021


WASHINGTON DC, United States



IMF / Kristalina Georgieva Press Briefing Spring Meetings 2021
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7 April 2021, WASHINGTON DC

4. SOUNDBITE (English) Kristalina Georgieva, IMF Managing Director
““We have good news that there is light at the end of the tunnel after the world's worst global recession since the Second World War, the recovery is underway. And as you know, yesterday we lifted our global growth forecast to 6% for this year, 4.4% for 2022. The outlook is brighter because millions of people are benefiting from vaccinations and because of further policy support, especially in the United States. This is adding to the exceptional and coordinated actions taken over the past year. Without them, without those fiscal and monetary measures, the global contraction last year would have been three times worse,”
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6. SOUNBITE (English) Kristalina Georgieva, IMF Managing Director
““Economic fortunes are diverging dangerously. A small number of advanced and emerging market economies led by the U.S. and China are powering ahead. Weaker and poorer countries are falling behind in this multispeed recovery. We also face extremely high uncertainty, especially over the impact of new virus strains and potential shifts in financial conditions. And there is the risk of further economic scarring from job losses, learning losses, bankruptcies, extreme poverty, hunger. Policymakers must take the right actions now by giving everyone a fair shot, not just into people's arms, but also in people's lives and in vulnerable economies,”
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8. SOUNDBITE (English) Kristalina Georgieva, IMF Managing Director

“We continue to step up in an unprecedented way. So far, we have supported 86 countries with over a $110 billion using a variety of instruments. Our lending to sub-Saharan Africa last year was 13 times more than the annual average over the previous decade. We have supported 160 countries through technical assistance and training and 29 of our poorest members through debt service relief recently extended and as indicated by the G20 today, we will propose a new SDR allocation of 650 billion dollars. This will help address the long-term global need for reserve asset and provide substantial liquidity boost to all our members, especially the most vulnerable.,”


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