IMF 2021 Update/ Vaccine Rollout/Argentina




14 Jan 2021


Washington, DC, United States



IMF 2021 Update/ Vaccine Rollout/Argentina
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Washington, DC --- 14 January 2021
2. SOUNDBITE: (English) Gerry Rice, IMF Spokesman:

“The IMF has responded in an unprecedented way, both in scope and scale of the support to our member countries, including nearly 103 billion dollars in emergency financing to 83 countries at this point. And again, we plan to maintain this effort in the period ahead,”

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“What we're basically seeing is, this race in many ways a race between the virus and the vaccine and diverging recoveries, depending on just how quickly countries can gain access to the to the vaccine and of course, on the on the dependent also on the strength of their policy response. So, the big developments have been access to the vaccine, additional substantial stimulus in some countries, some major countries. I mentioned Japan, also the United States, which you asked about, and overall, the Q3 sorry, the data in the third quarter in 2020 was better than had been expected, but there remains a great deal of uncertainty, I think uncertainty is the word to emphasize and the prospect of a still very difficult period ahead with infection surges and people continuing to suffer. So certainly, no time to let up on our efforts,”

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6. SOUNDBITE: (English) Gerry Rice, IMF Spokesman:

“We share the view with the authorities that tackling Argentina's challenges will require a carefully balanced set of policies to foster stability, restore confidence, protect the most vulnerable people in Argentina, and set the basis for sustainable and inclusive growth,”

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