IMF Argentina / Egypt / Sri Lanka / Congo




27 Jun 2019


Washington, United States



IMF Argentina / Egypt / Sri Lanka / Congo
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Washington, DC --- 13 June 2019
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4. SOUNDBITE: (English) Camilla Andersen, IMF Spokesperson:
“The IMF proactively engages with political stakeholders in all countries, but especially in program countries, it's very important for us to reach out to a broad spectrum of political stakeholders to hear their views, and also to understand their overall objectives and key policies, and how they see them under the IMF-supported program. You know, the IMF is engaged before with Members of the Opposition, and political candidates in several program countries actually.”
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6. SOUNDBITE: (English) Camilla Andersen, IMF Spokesperson:
“On Egypt we're not currently negotiating a new IMF-supported program, the priority at this junction is to successfully complete the current program. Discussions regarding the nature of any future engagement would come after that. I would also add that as with all our member countries, we stand ready to support Egypt and its people as they continue to the process of transforming the economy enabling it to achieve high-sustained growth that will create jobs and new opportunities.”
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9. SOUNDBITE: (English) Camilla Andersen, IMF Spokesperson:
“We would note that market conditions in Sri Lanka are normalizing, and indeed on June 24th, the country successfully tapped the international bond market for 2 billion at five- and ten-year maturities, and that issuance was well oversubscribed. In response to the specific question on monetary policy, we would say that the Central Bank of Sri Lanka should continue to follow inter dependent approach. Adjusting policy rates as warranted by evolving macro-economic conditions.”
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11. SOUNDBITE: (English) Camilla Andersen, IMF Spokesperson:
“The IMF does not monitor of course all the financial transactions or trading plans of the national oil company. That said, we are not aware of any new oil back loans that would have an impact on debt sustainability. And the government has also confirmed that it's disclosing all these loans to the IMF and they have actually also sent the report to parliament to that effect on the nature, the use of these loans. The program doesn't allow for any new external debt to be contacted by the government.”
Washington, DC – Recent
12. B-ROLL: Exterior IMF
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