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23 Mar 2017


Washington, DC, United States

The IMF says there was consensus for free trade during the G20 ministerial in Baden Baden and that the Fund supports publication of a debt audit by Mozambique.
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Washington, DC --- 23 March 2017
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4. SOUNDBITE: (English) Gerry Rice, IMF Spokesman:
“On your question about the G-20. What I would say is the way I look to the communique. I mean, think we saw, actually, G-20 consensus revolving around improving, not abandoning, the architecture of free trade. And, of course, how individual countries approach that improvement process is up to them, and the IMF with our 189 members is there to provide support.”
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6. SOUNDBITE: (English), Gerry Rice, IMF Spokesman:
“I can tell you that, yes, the audit will be published. I don’t have the modalities on the timing of the release, but that’s going to be determined by the public prosecutor. But, yes, it will be published. And you know that that audit is something that the IMF has been pushing strongly for.”
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