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The IMF supports US tax reform in principle but is awaiting details, and sees no immediate dangers in the Greek banking system.
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Washington, DC --- 28 September 2017
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“We're, indeed, in close contact with the authorities regarding pension reform. Its implementation remains a critical condition for the fourth review of the IMF program with Ukraine. We urge the authorities and the Parliament to ensure that the adopted pension law achieves the objection of the reform which has been worked out in liaison with the IMF and the World Bank. We stand ready to further cooperate closely with the authorities on any possible revisions the draft pension law may require in order to meet the objections of the reform.”
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“The most important issue is that, to be sure that Greek has a strategy for how to deal with its exceptionally high level of nonperforming loans over the medium term. The ECB, the European Central Bank, has suggested that bringing forward already-scheduled stress test and undertaking targeted asset reviews will allow us to assess whether the current strategy for ensuring the soundness of the banking system is adequate. And lastly, we think that that this is a constructive proposal, that's what Poul underscored earlier today, a constructive proposal that achieves the same broad objectives. And we are discussing the exact modalities with our colleagues in the ECB regarding dealing with nonperforming loans over the medium term.”
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8. SOUNDBITE: (English) Bill Murray, IMF Spokesman:
“As you probably know, a few months ago we released the U.S. Staff Report, our annual review of the U.S. economy, and in that we agree with the administration that tax reforms are important and necessary. We also stressed, as the country report states, that supporting low and middle income households and promoting investments in human and physical capital formation would feed back into better growth and lead to more broad-based improvements in living standards over the medium term. So, our general principle is tax reform is definitely needed in the United States. We're heartened that that is underway. Now we have to look at the details and we'll get back to you when we draw a firm conclusion.”

Washington, DC – Recent
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