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07 Apr 2017


Washington, DC, United States

The IMF is working with Egypt to tame inflation, continues to work with Greece on economic restructuring and debt-relief and is concerned about the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzogovina failing to pass reform measures.
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Washington, DC --- 07 April 2017
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“The timeline broadly, the framework, is that there will be discussion of the reforms and that's ongoing. Then once we know exactly what the reforms are, then the level of debt relief is, obviously, matching. You know, it's a complementary to that. And what I have said before just in terms of guidance is that for the IMF to take a proposal to our executive board for support of a program in Greece, it would need to have both of those components, both legs. So, it would need to have the credible economic reforms and the credible commitment to debt relief, both, before we would take a program to our board.”
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“This decision will have negative implications for Bosnia and its economy. And indeed, that’s why both reforms are key elements of the authorities’ program, which is supported by the IMF. We now expect a significant delay in completion of the first review of the program. Having said that, we remain fully committed to support Bosnia in its reform efforts. The program remains in place, and our staff is ready to assist the authorities in continuing the implementation of reforms, to unlock growth potential and maintain macroeconomic stability, including through our advice and technical assistance.”
8.SOUNDBITE: (English): Gerry Rice, IMF Spokesman:
“The managing director referred to, as the question indicated, to the issue of inflation, one of the challenges that the Egyptian government and people are facing. And what I can say in response is that, is we will be discussing with the government and the Central Bank, how they can best use budget restraint and tighter monetary policy to contain demand, and so, bring down inflation. So, that is a priority in the period of ahead. “
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