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The IMF says that there has been progress on debt-relief for Greece but more needs to be done. And there is progress on a potential program with Zambia, while reports of bribery of an IMF official are “rubbish,” spokesman Gerry Rice said.
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Washington, DC --- 22 June 2017
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“We see this very much as a constructive and a principled approach, the IMF is sticking to its principles, and sticking to what it has said all along on Greece, in terms of these two legs of the program. This approval in principle does not in any way signal that the work on debt relief is going by the wayside or on a slower track; not at all. The Managing Director, as I mentioned, urged the creditors to redouble their efforts, to reach convergence as quickly as possible. We have made some progress on debt relief, but we don't think we are there yet, it's not enough. ”
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6. SOUNDBITE: (English) Gerry Rice, IMF Spokesman:
“We did issue a press release recently on Zambia, so I won't get into the whole description of prospects and so on; but what I would just say is that implementation of the remaining actions in the next few weeks will enable us to present the authority's request for an extended credit facility arrangement to the board, and we expect that to be in August of this year. There's one other thing I want to say on Zambia, and it's not a question. But I've seen some news reports over the last 24 hours that have an outrageous allegation of relating to a bribe being taken by an IMF staff member. It's an outrageous allegation, as I say. It's utterly false; it's rubbish, actually.”
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