IMF Coronavirus




27 Feb 2020


Washington, DC, United States



IMF Coronavirus
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Washington, DC --- 27 February 2020
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4. SOUNDBITE: (English) Gerry Rice, IMF Spokesman:
“We are likely to downgrade our growth projections for the world in the in the world economic outlook in April. Kristalina Georgieva has already said that if you saw her statement that the weekend. I do not have another number for you today. But clearly the virus is gonna have an impact on growth.”
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6. SOUNDBITE: (English) Gerry Rice, IMF Spokesman:
“We remain fully committed to sharing the funds policy advice. Maintaining our dialog with our membership and stakeholders, which is the objective of the Spring Meetings. So we are looking at this as we speak. We are considering various options. The institutions, both institutions, have well-developed contingency plans.”

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8. SOUNDBITE: (English) Gerry Rice, IMF Spokesman:
“In the event that things get worse, we should be in a position of thinking about a more synchronized, a more coordinated response that would include economic measures. I think it would include health measures as well. We are not at that point yet. On China, we are very supportive of what the Chinese government has done. The Chinese authorities, they have taken a range of measures, as you mentioned, on the monetary, on the on the fiscal side. Other countries have also already taken some action. But we are we're very supportive of the of the efforts China has taken.”

Washington, DC – Recent
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