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05 Oct 2017


Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States



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Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard Kennedy School, Thursday October 5, 2017
1. Campus exteriors
2. Wide shot
3. Soundbite (English) IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde
"The long-awaited global recovery is taking hold. It's taking roots. In July the IMF projected a 3.5 % global growth for 2017 and 3.6% global growth in 2018. And next week as indicated by Professor Summers we will be holding our Annual Meetings and it may well be that this coming forecast will be a little bit better than that!"
4. Audience
5. Soundbite (English) IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde
"Can the world seize the opportunity of this upswing of our economy to secure the recovery and create a more inclusive growth that actually works for all.
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7. Soundbite (English) IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde
"Our research coming out next week shows the impact on climate change will result in cooperation because those suffering from it most have not much to do with it and those suffering less have caused most of it."
8. Cutaway audience
9. Soundbite (English) IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde
"So what is the bottom-line? Policy. Policy makers should use all the tools at their disposal to act now and take advantage of this period of global growth. As I said, let us not let a good recovery go to waste. And in our view cooperation remains the best way to create a more prosperous future for everyone in every nation. It's not going to suffice, we're still going to require domestic action and policies at national levels but I believe the IMF can serve as a platform for dialog and a resource for countries seeking to build more resilient economies."
10. Cutaway audience
11. Soundbite (English) IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde
"Making sure that women can contribute to the economy, empowering them, giving them access to finance is just a no-brainer from an economic point of view."
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