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15 Apr 2020


Washington, DC, United States



IMF Fiscal Monitor
Washington, DC – Recent
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Washington, DC --- 15 April, 2020
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“Authorities all around the world have jumped into action. According to Fiscal Monitor estimates, discretionary policy actions with direct impact on the budget sum up to 3.3 trillion dollars. In addition, loans and equity injections amount to 1.7, pardon me, 1.8 trillion dollars. And finally, guarantees represent 2.7 trillion dollars. The sum is about eight trillion dollars, which corresponds to 9.5 percent of world GDP. “

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5. SOUNDBITE: (English) Vitor Gaspar, Director Fiscal Affairs Department

“Principles of good governance should be reinforced in a way commensurate with the scale of the intervention. In order to make all of this memorable in a sentence - there it goes: Do whatever it takes, but make sure to keep the receipts.

Budget deficits and debts will sharply increase in 2020. Substantially more than in 2009 at the peak of the global financial crisis. Gross government debt all over the world will jump up by more than 13 percentage points of GDP to more than 96 percent of GDP.”

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7. SOUNDBITE: (English) Vitor Gaspar, Director Fiscal Affairs Department

“The economy, to caricature, is in a lockdown. One is managing the lockdown and maintaining the conditions for recovery. That basically means that these measures are very expensive, and if the epidemic proves longer lasting, they will be more expensive still.”

Washington, DC – Recent
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