IMF Georgieva Global Economy Outlook




06 Oct 2020


Washington, DC, United States



IMF Georgieva Global Economy Outlook
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Washington, DC --- 24 September 2020
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“The IMF in June projected a global GDP contraction of 4.9 percent in 2020. We now estimate that the second-quarter downturn was somewhat less dire than expected, allowing for a small upward revision to our global forecast for 2020. And we continue to project a partial and uneven recovery in 2021.”

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“Risks remain high, including from rising bankruptcies and stretched valuations in financial markets. And many countries have become more vulnerable. Their debt levels have increased because of their fiscal response to the crisis and the heavy output and revenue losses. We estimate that global public debt will reach a record-high of about 100 percent of GDP in 2020.”

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“Where the pandemic persists, it is critical to maintain lifelines such as cash transfers and wage subsidies. Equally important is continued monetary accommodation and liquidity measures to ensure the flow of credit, especially to small and medium-sized firms—thus supporting jobs and financial stability. Pull the plug too soon, and the ‘Long Ascent’ becomes a precipitous fall.”

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“We work very hard to help countries put in place climate mitigation policies that combine. Investment in low carbon. Transformation, putting a price on carbon with predictability for what this price is going to be over time as an incentive to change.” “some are still surprised to see us working on. Don't be surprised. The future has to be financially sound. But for that reason, it has to be environmentally and socially sustainable.”
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