IMF Lagarde / Trade / US Economy




06 Jun 2019


Washington, DC, United States



IMF Lagarde / Trade / US Economy
Washington, DC --- 6 June 2019
1. IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde and AEI Resident Fellow Desmond Lachman walk-up to stage
2. SOUNDBITE: (English): Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director:
“Our assessment is that the economy will grow this year at about 2.6% percent and next year at around 2 percent. And this represents an increase from our initial growth forecast by point 3 percent so lots of positives and a lot to be proud of on the economic front and the economic indicators are saying so.”
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4. SOUNDBITE: (English) Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director:
“Over the first few months of this year financial market conditions have improved markedly. This is good for near-term growth reducing the cost and increasing access to financing but obviously we are concerned about the risk of an abrupt reversal of financial market conditions that could represent a material downside risks in the US and in particular a sudden tightening of financial conditions could interact adversely with the high level of private public corporate households and sovereign debt and could create a feedback loop that could also weigh on real activity and job creation.”
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6. SOUNDBITE: (English) Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director:
“As you know earlier this year the Federal Reserve has indicated that it was pausing its process of raising interest rates we fully agree with that approach and believe that this will give policymakers time to gorge the balance of risks to both inflation and employment outcome and to build a clearer picture of whether further adjustments in the federal funds rates are warranted.”
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8. SOUNDBITE: (English) Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director:
“We believe that for the global economy to actually function well it needs to be able to rely on a more open more stable more transparent more predictable and rules based international trade system. And as such it will be essential for the US and all its trading partners including the likes of China Mexico and others to agree on a new system to agree to eliminate the distortions that put a brake on growth.”
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10. SOUNDBITE: (English) Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director:
“As I've said many times, nobody wins a trade war and everybody suffers.”
11. Wide-shot of Lagarde exiting stage
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