IMF Trade / Georgieva / Argentina




12 Sep 2019


Washington, DC, United States

IMF Trade / Georgieva / Argentina
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Washington, DC --- 12 September, 2019
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4. SOUNDBITE: (English) Gerry Rice, IMF Spokesman:
“We announced on Monday that Kristalina Georgieva was the candidate that had been forward by the membership. And she will begin a series interviews with Executive Directors next week. There will be a series of those interviews. And as I said, then we expect Madam Georgieva to meet with the entire Board on September the 24th. And what we've said is that we expect the Board to complete its selection by October 4th, at the latest.”
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6. SOUNDBITE: (English) Gerry Rice, IMF Spokesman:
“We have said in the past that trade tensions are a threat. I think what we are saying today is that they are not only a threat but are actually now beginning to weigh down the dynamism in the global economy.”

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8. SOUNDBITE: (English) Gerry Rice, IMF Spokesman:
“As I said in terms of the Fund's relationship with Argentina, discussions with the authorities, their crisis response measures and overall macroeconomic framework, those discussions continue. And as I said, the complex market conditions and policy uncertainty going forward, make the situation even more difficult.”

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10. SOUNDBITE: (English) Gerry Rice, IMF Spokesman:
“When we do those things, when we try and help countries in crisis situations, it's not without risks. I think everybody recognizes that. And we're often called upon in situations where there are great risks and where the situation is already very fragile. And that was the case in Argentina as I described when we were requested to help about a year ago. The authorities approached the Fund in the midst of an already very difficult situation and we, you know, we have tried to help. So, I've kind of summarized that. We continue to try and help. We continue to be fully engaged..”

Washington, DC – Recent
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