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IMF / Comprehensive Surveillance Report, HQ Phased Reopening, Sudan

Release Date: 20 May 2021

Today, Thursday (May 20th) the IMF will release its Comprehensive Review Surveillance, which is considered one of its core activities in addition to lending capacity development and economic analysis.

This review will better position the IMF to support the membership to help member countries and it reflects a great deal of consultation with them as well as with other stakeholders. It also takes into account climate change, inequality, digital transformation, demographics and other factors as these will be the priorities guiding IMF’s surveillance, economic analysis, and assessment going forward.

So today, we are releasing a review of our surveillance, our board concluded that review on May the 10th . It's the first comprehensive review of our surveillance in a number of years since 2014, actually. So, it takes place in these unprecedented times we're in still in the pandemic and it aims to make our surveillance, our economic analysis and assessment, more timely, more topical, more targeted, better informed. In short, modernized and, you know, aligned with all that's happening in the world,” said Gerry Rice, Head of the Communications Department at the IMF.

Rice announced that on June 1st the IMF will resume limited operations at the headquarters in Washington, DC. In addition to the phased return of staff to the buildings, many aspects of the virtual mode of operation will continue in the months ahead as conditions allow.

Like many others, after remote working for the past year, we will resume limited operations at our Washington, DC headquarters with a phased return of staff to our buildings beginning June 1st, June one. This easing of work from home status reflects the improving health and safety conditions related to Covid-19 in the DC metropolitan area, and by working virtually over this past year, as I think you know, the fund has been able to maintain full service to our member countries during the pandemic indeed, in many ways, unprecedented service in the past year in the midst of the pandemic. So, June 1st, phased return of staff to the buildings here in Washington. That said, many aspects of our virtual mode of operation will continue even as we move gradually to implement our headquarters resumption plans in the months ahead. And as, of course, as conditions allow,” said Rice.

On Sudan, IMF’s Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva participated in the Conference on Sudan which France hosted this week and emphasized that the IMF is encouraged by the progress Sudan has made with the IMF staff monitored program, as well as the recent pledges of support to Sudan by our member countries.

“In addition to the financial support for debt relief, Sudan will also need substantial concessional assistance in the years ahead to fund its significant development needs and to fight poverty, reduce poverty,” said Rice.

To watch the full press briefing, click here

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