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Release Date: 21 Feb 2019
Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz met with IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde Thursday (February 21).
The 32-year-old Kurz is in Washington for a series of meetings with officials amidst US tension with Europe over trade and the threat by the Trump Administration to impose sanctions on European car-makers.
Lagarde thanked Kurz for Austria’s long-running support of technical assistance programs at the IMF designed to help boost other countries economic management capabilities.
“I was delighted to have the visit by the Chancellor and his delegation. We really appreciate enormously the support from the Austrian authorities and from Austria as a country because we do have IMF staff on the ground in Vienna and very, very happy to have them discharge their work and provide training and technical assistance around the region,” Lagarde said.
“I had a chance to also complement the Chancellor for the really stellar performance of the Austrian economy and the good track record that the country displays in terms of fiscal policies and reforms and homogeneity of the economy and society,” Lagarde told Kurz while thanking him at the conclusion of their meeting.
Photos of the event can be downloaded at
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